The Camera Assassin III

Confessions of a gutter press photojournalist.

WARNING - Contains strong language
and nudity - Adults only.

A book by Ian Cutler (author) & Jack Cox (editor)

(C) 2004/ 2006 / 2012Ian Cutler & Jack Cox

All photos copyright of Ian Cutler
All rights reserved.

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Ian Cutler as a young photographer

Sir Horace Walter Cutler OBE

My NUJ Press Card

Letter from the prime minister's office

Smokey Cummines was dressed up in Ian Cutler's hat and coat for this faked picture.

This Wedding photographer story scam was approved by Rupert
The Beckham kidnap story was all Bollocks!! Rupert loved this idea.

Beckham's kidnap story was all bollocks, just 6 pages of rubbish approved by Rupert

Cutler and Parker dressed up a boy in widely different garbs.
In three of the pictures taken and submitted they actually depict the same youth.

Rupert Murdoch

I was not surprised. I know of many faked front page photos
like these, get used to sensationalise a story and to sell more papers.

Ray Chapman did this girl anally and Boss Manning was convicted and jailed over this story.

My friend Trevor Kempson

Ray Chatman

Ian Cutler with his famous G.P.O. tent used on stake outs as featured in the BBC documentary series 40 Minutes Sex, drugs and the vicar a day in the News of the World.
Rupert didn't like me being on T.V.

The 21 club - a top club in Park Lane, London.
Trevor Kempson, Clive Cook, Ray Champman and myself fucked hundreds of birds in this club for 8 years until the brothers, Bertie & Harry Meadows gave Trevor aids.

My picture with Ray Chapman (hiding behind the camera cocked up).
Rupert had a laugh at this. I fucked these girls!!

This was 'the drunk' referred to in 'Vultures of Uganda' story - supposedly a dying man!
Rupert laughed at this picture.

Ian Cutler in Uganda, sitting on Idi Amin's 'Throne'.
photo by Gerry Brown

Me at the front line by an overturned tank

Idi Amin's retreating 'Army'

'Major' Bob Astles, Amin's right-hand man

Laurence with a genuinely dying Ugandan man in a serious, legitimate story.

Paul Kabos

Cutler, fearing IRA reprisals, pretended that this pictures never came out.
Photo by Ian Cutler

Murdoch knew the coffin man was really alive.
Photo by Ian Cutler

Photo by Ian Cutler

Ian Cutler and Gerry Brown faked stories, it was company policy.
Photo taken in Northern Ireland, with Welsh Guards in the background.

A visit to Northern Ireland by Prince Charles.
Here he is being greeted by Colonel Guthrie who later became a
Knight and Chief of the British Military
Photo by Ian Cutler

Ian Cutler

Ian Cutler's sex boat in St. Catherine's dock, well Known to Rupert.
Rod Tyler and Carole Thatcher had a pleasant afternoon on board!!

Friends on board Ian's boat

Ian Cutler as a young freelance
for the Evening Standard, The Sun, The Mirror,
Daily Telegraph and The Times amongst others.

From left to right: Ian Cutler, Par FlannIgan and Charlie Kray - Friends of Rupert

Annie Robinson of the Weakest Link TV show,
a good friend.
Ian with John, Anne's husband
Eddie Chapman (left) with Fabian of the Yard (right), who (according to Eddie) was bent.
This photo was taken a few years before Rupert's time
The Great Train Robbers with Ian Cutler (front row, 3rd from right).
Photo from left to right: the late Dermot Harris (brother of the late actor Richard Harris),
Bobby Mckew (former employee of the late gangster Billy Hill)
and on the right the one and only late Eddie Chapman
Photo by Ian Cutler

Ian Cutler's photo of Norman Scott, Jeremy Thorpe's ex-lover

Snippets from Private Spy one of Ian's ventures.

Eddie Chapman

Ian's London Pub

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